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Blog #5

The Joe Paterno scandal really raises some eyebrows. So this story has hit the news like a hurricane. supposedly an assistant head coach was caught molesting a ten-year old boy. He was caught in the shower with the boy by a student I believe. Joe Paterno had learned of these events and told the president of the school about the incident. Not only did the president not report the act to proper authorities Joe Paterno did not follow-up to make sure something was being done. Which is very sad for a beloved coach of Penn State who has been there for 61 years. So Joe had decided to stay with his team until the season was over. The school board had other decisions and decided to immediately fire him. Now the students have begun rioting in the streets. I feel very torn in this news story because he has been such a great part of that University. I’m sure the school was everything to him in his life, and now it has been taken away because of someone elses actions. Then again he did not do the moral and obviously right thing and contact the law to have this evil man put away for good. For the kids rioting in the streets they really need to check what they are doing. I understand he was not the one doing the horrible acts, but I wouldn’t be in so much support of a man who did nothing on such an important issue.


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Blog #3 TTH 12

The protest on wall street and the following they are getting around the nation. I was driving to my class at the Rio Grande campus today when I saw the city hall occupy Austin rally was happening. I saw many signs while waiting at a red light. Many of them were of course about representing the 99% of America. So I decided to do a little research on what these peoples demands were. I found a very interesting list of their demands from the washington times. Demand number three wants a guaranteed living wage income regardless of employment. I have a big problem with this, because why work or do anything if I am going to be payed anyways. Sounds kind of like a step towards communism to me. Demand number four wants free college education for everyone. Now I wonder how they believe this will work. How will the colleges run? How do they pay for teachers and upkeep of the buildings including just normal equipment? If they think the taxpayers should pay for everyone to have a free education they should stop and look at public schools in America today. Kids today have trouble passing a test that is quite easy, to graduate from high school. Demand number nine open borders migration. Anyone can travel anywhere to work and live. If we dont have enough jobs for American citizens then why do they want more people coming to take jobs? That kind of makes no sense to me. The most crazy demand is demand number eleven. They want to clear the worldy debt and start clean for everyone. They want to just wipe the slate clean and start over, on a personal and federal level. Now if anyone believes that these demands would ever come into play they should be put into a straight jacket.


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Blog # 2 tth 12-1:20

Many people have different opinions on wether we should leave or stay in Afghanistan and Iraq. My opinion has changed severly after being deployed to Afghanistan for the better part of a year. Before I had that life experience I was all for US troops being overseas and fighting the war on their turf. After seeing the impact of our presence in their country i have completely changed my mind. They do not want our help to rebuild their country or provide security from the taliban. Their number one interest is money and how much we are going to give them. They will act as if they are on our side and tell us what they think we want to hear. Yet as soon as we leave, the Afghanistan citizens are conspiring with the taliban and giving them information on our location and movements. Also we are not there to fight a war. We are performing more of a police action than being soldiers in a war. The rules of engagment are so ridiculously strict that to fire upon the enemy you pretty much have to get shot yourself. I believe for our troops to be successful you have to let them do what they are best at, which is not worrying about collateral damage and public relations with the civilians. Until these things change I dont think our troops should be over there. We are spending billions of dollars and losing several men and women every year for the improvement of nothing.

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Blog #1 TX 038 TTH 12

The affects of the fast and furious scandal. Many people see the fast and furious as a sign to have more control over firearms in America. I for one am not one of these people. From what i have read our government and the ATF had allowed several weapons to cross the mexican border. Their plan was to track the weapons that were put in the hands of the drug cartel. By doing this entire villages have been killed plus a few american civilians and a border agent. If the ATF did not have a whistle-blower to point out what they were doing there is no telling how far this could have gone. Now that all this blood is on the hands of Obama and everyone that was in charge of this plan, they are trying to turn this lost into a victory for them. Now that they have everyone in an uproar about weapons they are going to try to make more regulations on American gun owners. They are trying to close the “gun show loop-hole”. The government wants to have everyone register their weapons so they can track and know who exactly has what. This imposes much stricter laws on our second amendment rights. I feel many people are naive on actual gun laws in this country. I have spoken to many people who oppose the right to bear arms. They believe that you can just walk into a gun store and buy a fully automatic machine gun. This is not true by any means. To obtain these kinds of weapons you must have a license that is nearly impossible to receive. I am not sure how all this will play out, but one thing i can guarantee is they will never take my weapons away from me.

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