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The Joe Paterno¬†scandal really raises some eyebrows. So this story has hit the news like a hurricane. supposedly¬†an assistant head coach was caught molesting a ten-year old boy. He was caught in the shower with the boy by a student I believe. Joe Paterno had learned of these events and told the president of the school about the incident. Not only did the president not report the act to proper authorities Joe Paterno did not follow-up to make sure something was being done. Which is very sad for a beloved coach of Penn State who has been there for 61 years. So Joe had decided to stay with his team until the season was over. The school board had other decisions and decided to immediately fire him. Now the students have begun rioting in the streets. I feel very torn in this news story because he has been such a great part of that University. I’m sure the school was everything to him in his life, and now it has been taken away because of someone elses actions. Then again he did not do the moral and obviously right thing and contact the law to have this evil man put away for good. For the kids rioting in the streets they really need to check what they are doing. I understand he was not the one doing the horrible acts, but I wouldn’t be in so much support of a man who did nothing on such an important issue.


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