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The protest on wall street and the following they are getting around the nation. I was driving to my class at the Rio Grande campus today when I saw the city hall occupy Austin rally was happening. I saw many signs while waiting at a red light. Many of them were of course about representing the 99% of America. So I decided to do a little research on what these peoples demands were. I found a very interesting list of their demands from the washington times. Demand number three wants a guaranteed living wage income regardless of employment. I have a big problem with this, because why work or do anything if I am going to be payed anyways. Sounds kind of like a step towards communism to me. Demand number four wants free college education for everyone. Now I wonder how they believe this will work. How will the colleges run? How do they pay for teachers and upkeep of the buildings including just normal equipment? If they think the taxpayers should pay for everyone to have a free education they should stop and look at public schools in America today. Kids today have trouble passing a test that is quite easy, to graduate from high school. Demand number nine open borders migration. Anyone can travel anywhere to work and live. If we dont have enough jobs for American citizens then why do they want more people coming to take jobs? That kind of makes no sense to me. The most crazy demand is demand number eleven. They want to clear the worldy debt and start clean for everyone. They want to just wipe the slate clean and start over, on a personal and federal level. Now if anyone believes that these demands would ever come into play they should be put into a straight jacket.



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